VB Spark Our Mission

Our Mission & Purpose

To promote policies for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (“VBCPS”) that hold students to the highest possible academic and civic standards of excellence, to ensure that the resources and programs that are necessary to enable and motivate students to meet those standards are provided in the most fiscally responsible manner possible, and to hold students, teachers, parents, administrators, and public officials accountable for meeting and sustaining these objectives.

VB Spark Our Mission

Our Core Principles

  1. We believe that all students are entitled to a world-class education that prepares them to excel in college and/or the workforce and that they should be held to the highest possible standards of academic and civic excellence.
  2. We believe that in order to provide an education that prepares students to excel in the real world, the community at large should be encouraged to participate in the education of our students.
  3. We believe that all forms of grading and student assessment should reflect not only the student’s academic progress but also the level of civic responsibility shown by the student in his or her work, including completing all assigned work by the assigned deadlines, maintaining proper classroom decorum, and otherwise being prepared to meet and exceed all academic expectations.
  4. We believe teachers are professionals and should be accorded respect and held accountable as such by the school administration, students, public officials, parents, and the community.
  5. We believe that the highest budgetary priority for the school system should be to provide all necessary resources to meet the aforesaid standards in the most fiscally responsible manner possible and in a manner that ensures that teachers need not pay for essential classroom resources with their own money.
  6. We believe that all resources that are necessary to accomplish the aforesaid objectives should be provided before budgetary consideration is given to other desirable but non-essential programs and projects.
  7. We believe that the ultimate responsibility for every student’s education lies with each student’s parents/guardians and the student himself or herself and that it is the job of our schools to enable every student, including those with special needs, to reach his or her personal potential.
  8. We therefore believe that parents and students must be kept informed of all significant policy changes and other developments within our schools, that parents and students must be provided meaningful opportunities to provide input into school policies, and that such input should be taken into respectful and meaningful consideration in the formulation of school policies.
  9. We believe that the proper mission of the public schools is to provide a world-class education to students and not to provide social services beyond those that are essential and directly linked to facilitating educational excellence. Public schools should partner with the community and non-profit organizations to provide assistance to students in need.
  10. We support parental choice in education through legislation that would allow parents to choose the best school for their student, whether public or private.